Make every room count – kid’s room

When you are putting your house on the market, it can be useful to take a trip back in time and remember why you bought the home in the first place. Was it the great schools and nearby park with adventure playground? The spacious yard, perfect for a play set?

If you are an empty-nester, these may no longer be why you value the neighborhood but it is quite likely a potential buyer will be attracted to your location for the same reasons you were.

BEFORE – an empty room was a missed opportunity to show how useful and inviting this space could be

For a recent staging project  in the Minneapolis and St. Paul suburbs (Hennepin County, MN), price range $425-$450K, the room the owner’s originally treasured as a baby’s room had over time become a storage room.

This house was going on the market in an area perfect for families, with four good-sized bedrooms, three of which were in use by the owners and their college-aged kids.

SellWell Home Staging helped the owner stage the three bedrooms that were in use and then turned our attention to this fourth bedroom. Situated right next to the main bedroom, it made a perfect room for a small child.  

AFTER – Playful wall art and fun bedding transform this space into a kid’s room

All it took was a bed, neutral bedding, wall art and a chair to stage the room as a child’s room. Without being age or gender specific, this fourth bedroom has personality and a reason to be remembered by potential buyers.