Miriam Hill has channeled her years of experience in project management, advertising design and property renovation into SellWell Home Staging, serving the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul and the surrounding region.

Selling well means selling quickly and for top dollar.

Miriam has lived in several countries and states, discovering her passion for home staging when putting her own homes on the market in order to move, often at short notice and never when the market was right!

Selling  a home and moving, whether 5 or 5000 miles, is a very challenging life event. Emotions and financial investments are tied to a home, but selling well can liberate both.

Houses sell quickly and at the best price when these three factors align:

  • location
  • correctly priced for their market
  • condition and appeal to likely buyers

Of these, only the condition and appeal are fully in the control of  the seller.  Miriam enables her clients to take that control and transform their house for maximum appeal.  

“Every home is different – there is no formula to staging  a home, it’s about identifying the gap between the home’s pre-staged condition/appeal and prospective buyer’s expectations, then bridging that gap as much as time and budget allow, always focused on the prize of selling quickly and achieving the best price” – Miriam

Arthur Ashe

Along with her creative flair (she holds a Masters degree in Arts), Miriam is a problem solver who welcomes a challenge. Clients love her common sense approach  and she always keeps an eye on the bottom line.

When transforming one 1970s kitchen, Miriam realized there was an elephant in the room Рthe double wall oven which, although functioning perfectly, was colored avocado green.   Spending $2000 to replace it was out of the question, so Miriam took off the doors and drove to the local auto body shop and asked them to paint the green doors black Рthey did for just $200. That home received 3 offers its first day on the market; it sold above asking price.

Miriam will bring a wealth of expertise, experience and empathy to staging your home for sale.