Bathroom – quick and effective refresh

At SellWell Home Staging, we make recommendations based on what’s going to give the best return on your dollar and on your time. We only recommend making changes that we believe are going to have an impact on your bottom line.

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of the house to buyers and can make or break a sale. They must be meticulously clean and function perfectly, no leaky faucets or running toilets!

While having an updated and on trend bathroom is a great plus, not often does it make sense to take on such  a renovation for staging.

Having a bathroom that showcases its best features well and invites the buyer to feel it is move-in ready goes a long way to assuring the buyer that this bathroom does not need to be calculated in (that means deducted from) their offer price.

BEFORE – fussy light fixtures, gold faucets, glass drawer pulls and mismatched towel rails

For a recent Anoka County (North Metro Minneapolis/St. Paul) home staging project, SellWell Home Staging gave this family bathroom a quick makeover. The time available before this home went on the market did not allow for redoing tile or countertops but we were able to address the distracting fussy light fixtures, gold faucets and glass hardware. These changes  made  a world of difference!

This bathroom was spacious with dual sinks, a separate shower and tub and a closed off toilet. This was an ideal family bathroom for the likely buyer, a family with school age kids. However, the two candelabra style light fixtures,  the gold faucets and the crystal cabinet hardware were old fashioned for this twenty-first century house.

AFTER – new faucets, light fixtures and cabinet hardware

One stop at a Big-Box Home Improvement store gave us all we needed to have the light fixtures replaced with simple oil-rubbed bronze fixtures along with coordinating faucets and hardware. We also changed out the out-of-place chrome towel rack with a single oil-rubbed bronze rail and brightened things up with artwork.